Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes on sale for $1, comes with PC games

box Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold into one complete package. There are rumors that it will also include certain Windows 10 games and access to Project xCloud game streaming when it’s available later this year, but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. While it’s been available to select Xbox Insiders for a few weeks, anyone can subscribe to the service for $1 a month right now.

Keep in mind that the $1 price is just for the first month. After your trial expires, you’ll be charged $15 a month. In a few months when retailers like Amazon offer discounts on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you should stock up so you don’t have to pay $15 a month. We’re noticing similar discounts on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold right now.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also seems like it gives better perks. For example, some leaked promotional images say that Gears 5: Ultimate Edition will be included with the service. The regular Xbox Game Pass gives you just the standard edition it seems. If this trend continues in the future, with the top-of-the-line editions being available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that’s by far the best deal.

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