Toxic Positivity vs Support & Validation

Toxic Positivity vs Support and Validation

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“Toxic positivity” can make people feel unsafe expressing their negativity, and negativity thrives in isolation. If “toxic positivity” is telling someone to just “look at the bright side,” support is putting yourself in someone’s shoes, and accepting their feelings for what they are.

Examples of Non-Toxic & Accepting Statements
“Don’t think about it, stay positive!” “Describe what you’re feeling, I’m listening.” “Don’t worry, be happy!” “I see that you’re really stressed, anything I can do?”

Essentially toxic positivity is when an attempt is made to outwit our emotional process by choosing to focus on only the good in any situation. The opposite of optimism isn’t always negativity. Sometimes the opposite of positivity is practicing acceptance.

Toxic Positivity vs Support & Validation

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