Former Roswell Park nurse accused of swapping syringes with tap water

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A now-former nurse at Roswell Park Cancer Institute stands accused of draining syringes of an opioid meant for cancer patients in extreme pain and replacing them with water.

Kelsey Mulvey is charged with fraud, tampering and health insurance violations

The main drug in question was dilaudid, a powerful paid reliever often administered by injection.

The 27-year-old Mulvey, of Grand Island, allegedly would drain a syringe and replace with clear fluid, sometimes believed tap water, then replace the cap and mark it with a black dot. Those syringes would be placed back in the automated medication dispensing system for eventual patient use.

The U.S. Attorney said toward the end of the timeframe of the alleged tampering, there was a spike in waterborne bacteria detected among patients. In all, 81 patients were potentially affected. All have recovered, said prosecutors.

“She cared for very sick patients every day, then went ahead and made them sicker,” said Gary Loeffert, the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge.

Mulvey faces a prison sentence of 10 years, if convicted.

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