Feet Skeletal System: Foot (Human Anatomy): Bones, Tendons, Ligaments

The feet support the human body when standing, walking, running, and more. They are complex structures with 26 bones

  • The forefoot contains the five toes (phalanges) and the five longer bones (metatarsals).
  • The midfoot is a pyramid-like collection of bones that form the arches of the feet. These include the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid bone, and the navicular bone.
  • The hindfoot forms the heel and ankle.

What are the 26 bones in the foot? Illustration of bones in lower leg and foot.

  • tibia, fibula.
  • tarsus (7): talus, calcaneus, cuneiformes (3), cuboid, and navicular.
  • metatarsus (5): first, second, third, fourth, and fifth metatarsal bone.
  • phalanges (14)
Feet Skeletal System Foot (Human Anatomy) Bones, Tendons, Ligaments

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