7 Bad Public Speaking Habits to Avoid

7 Bad Public Speaking Habits to Avoid

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A speech can be bad for any number of reasons: It lacks unity and cohesion. It fails to address the needs and concerns of the audience. It is confusing, illogical, or boring.

Do speak loudly enough to be heard by the entire audience, even those in the back row. Don’t keep jumping back and forth through your slides. Either reorganize your talk to avoid this or duplicate the needed slide in the second place where it fits. Don’t start to change a slide, then stop halfway.

Have you ever heard a speaker deliver and talk and you thought “This guy has no clue who he’s talking to or what they care about.” Great public speakers have empathy for others. They feel what others feel and understand their needs and wants and therefore they can speak the words that will connect with the audience.

7 Bad Public Speaking Habits to Avoid

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